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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Will you make slides of this presentation available?

We are not distributing the presentation slides, however if you registered to attend the webinar you will receive a follow-up email with a link to a video recording of the webinar session.

Is this webinar eligible for COSS credit as well?

You will need to check with COSS directly regarding their Rules & Standards. They have specific guidelines regarding what is eligible for ongoing education credits. We do not have any affiliation with COSS.

I missed an earlier Frontline webinar. Is there a video recording that I can access?

Yes, register for the webinar bundle today and you will get access to all upcoming 2017 Frontline webinars as well as instant access to video recordings of the webinars we hosted earlier this year. Each 45-60 minute session provides utility safety leadership insight and explores the most popular concepts from the Frontline classroom experience.

Do I need to register for the next webinar if I purchased the webinar bundle?

No. You are automatically enrolled in any upcoming webinars if you purchase the webinar bundle.

Controlling Hazards

What are you thoughts on eliminating the risk exposure for working long hours during emergencies?

This is a great question that ties back to our discussion on proactively reducing exposure and eliminating both the hazard and the risk.

In an emergency scenario you may need to implement worker rotation. For example, during the mobilization phase you could rotate drivers: determine who is tired, who is not, and who is most qualified. Rotate work being performed as appropriate based on site, environment, strenuous nature of work, and personnel involved.

Finally, make sure to define a schedule and set up necessary logistics to ensure that workers get adequate rest - always remembering that safety is part of every job.

Afterwards, set up administrative controls to ensure the proper safeguards are in place for the future emergency situations. It is interesting at how good people get at the hierarchy of controls during an emergency situations, when things are often the most hazardous.

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