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Behavioral Profiling: Use DISC to Predict and Adapt


DISC is a tool that will maximize your personal and professional effectiveness and potential by providing insight and understanding about yourself and others. DISC is not in-depth psychology. It is a simple behavioral profiling model that teaches you to identify -- and use to your advantage -- predictable aspects of yourself and others. This course will introduce DISC and explain adaptability based on DISC styles. It will be led by a DISC Certified Practitioner and is a must attend for anyone interested in maximizing individual and team effectiveness, performance, and success; improving leadership and communication; and enhancing relationships.



  • Introduce and define DISC
  • Explain the four DISC styles, characteristics of each style, and how to quickly identify another person's style
  • Discuss adaptability and how DISC can be used to maximize the quality and effectiveness of interactions with others

DATE: May 13, 2020
TIME: 3:30 PM Eastern

COST: Complimentary

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