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"Optimizing Safety has many different key element, three of which are Engineering, Systems and Human Factors. All play a pretty important part in our journey to World Class, yet one in particular is stressed more than the other two and if not successful can create an unbalanced and ineffective OSH Program – the Human Factor or Human Performance.

The “Frontline Human Performance Training” that Utility Business media and David McPeak presented to my organization of safety professionals provided deeper descriptions of tools and techniques to minimize errors and prevent harm. The time and devotion Mr. McPeak gave my group was like no other. With his coaching and the material developed by Utility Business Media I know my safety professionals will be better equipped. ”

"This training has begun to change my world view regarding safety, both at work and at home. I gained many tools to make a difference, including managing my own attitude."

"It is effective to have instructors with field applied experience over a long career."

"These classes, in my opinion, should be mandatory for all employees as we seek to build teamwork and create a safety culture. It was truly engaging and informative."

"One of, if not the best course I have attended in 15 years working with electric utilities in the US."

"I learned a lot even after being in the business over 30 years. It is valuable to groups as well as individuals that have to work with groups."

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