Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership

Learn the essential fundamentals of leadership with a focus on leading safety in the utility industry.

Incident Prevention

Incident Prevention

Learn how to prevent incidents and protect your workforce by identifying and mitigating hazards.
Human Performance

Human Performance

Learn to make correct safety decisions by applying tools that reduce errors and manage controls.

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NEXT WEBINAR: January 16, 2019 - 3 p.m. ET- Human Performance Implementation

GUEST PRESENTERS: Bob McCall, Pam Tompkins and Rey Gonzales

Created & Facilitated by Leading Utility Safety Minds

Frontline was created by the same folks who publish Incident Prevention magazine and host the IP Utility Safety Conference & Expo. We’ve brought together some of the utility safety industry’s best and brightest minds to develop and facilitate an interactive, engaging learning experience that is tailor-made for the unique safety challenges of utility safety professionals.

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Frontline is a comprehensive training series of interactive and engaging classroom training that empowers employees to become utility safety leaders.
Learn more about what Frontline is and how it can help your team become better safety leaders.
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Training options include open-enrollment courses, webinars, and on-site instruction at your location.

Frontline Courses
Learn about the four comprehensive and customizable courses that make up the Frontline safety solution.

Frontline Utility Safety Leadership Training Is Produced By Institute Prevention Institute

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