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Frontline Online

Frontline Online features proven principles and strategies about how to improve your skills and interact with others through videos, reading assignments, virtual exercises, knowledge checks, and personal assessments.

New Online Training Program! Job Briefings

Based on our Frontline training program, this course is delivered through our learning management system in a computer-based training format and takes approximately two hours to complete. This helps to keep your valuable crew leaders in the field and eliminates costs and logistics associated with in-person training. Participants of this course receive instruction; complete exercises and knowledge checks; and are provided with a workbook and reference materials.

“As someone who came up through the ranks I am enjoying the opportunity and information being given. It is something we have been lacking for our leaders as they advance with no real knowledge or skill development for leadership at a management level. I have discovered the autocratic style that is acceptable on the crews, and even warranted in some instances due to risk, is not effective over the long term when managing multiple divisions and work groups. I can’t speak for everyone but for me the information has already given me some tools to apply to the areas I need to work on but lacked the understanding of how to affect change within myself.”

~Luke, Frontline Participant

Incident Prevention

Safety Leadership

Learn the essential fundamentals of leadership with a focus on leading safety in the utility industry.
Incident Prevention

Incident Prevention

Learn how to prevent incidents and protect your workforce by identifying and mitigating hazards.
Human Performance

Human Performance

Learn to make correct safety decisions by applying tools that reduce errors and manage controls.

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July 13, 2022 – 1:00 p.m. ET

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Frontline is designed around the concept that with the right knowledge, insight and tools, anybody—regardless of their position or experience—can be a safety leader. Through the use of interactive classroom learning delivered by utility safety experts, Frontline provides an enriching and engaging learning experience that inspires employees to achieve greater safety success.

Assessments + Training = Measurable Results

Whether you want to develop more self-aware leaders, assemble top performing teams, improve performance, enhance training initiatives or provide benchmarks, the Core Assessments provide the foundation for dependable human performance answers.

Frontline Utility Leadership – The Hurdle
By David McPeak

Utility Business Media, Inc. publisher of Incident Prevention Magazine is excited to announce the publication of Frontline Leadership – The Hurdle written by Incident Prevention Institute’s (iPi) Director of Professional Development, David McPeak. This book is based on iPi’s popular Frontline leadership training program and is a must read for utility industry leaders.
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Created & Facilitated by Leading Utility Safety Minds

Frontline was created by the same folks who publish Incident Prevention magazine and host the IP Utility Safety Conference & Expo. We’ve brought together some of the utility safety industry’s best and brightest minds to develop and facilitate an interactive, engaging learning experience that is tailor-made for the unique safety challenges of utility safety professionals.

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  • Frontline Testimonials

    It is effective to have instructors with field applied experience over a long career.

  • Frontline Testimonials

    This training has begun to change my world view regarding safety, both at work and at home. I gained many tools to make a difference, including managing my own attitude.

  • Frontline Testimonials

    These classes, in my opinion, should be mandatory for all employees as we seek to build teamwork and create a safety culture. It was truly engaging and informative.

  • Frontline Testimonials

    One of, if not the best course I have attended in 15 years working with electric utilities in the US.

  • Frontline Testimonials

    I learned a lot even after being in the business over 30 years. It is valuable to groups as well as individuals that have to work with groups.

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Frontline is a comprehensive training series of interactive and engaging classroom training that empowers employees to become utility safety leaders.
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Learn about the four comprehensive and customizable courses that make up the Frontline safety solution.

Frontline Utility Safety Leadership Training Is Produced By Institute Prevention Institute

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