DISC Assessment & Debrief Webinar: June 5th at 3:00pm ET

Course Description:

DISC is a tool that will maximize your personal and professional effectiveness and potential by providing insight into yourself and others. In this course, you will take an online DISC assessment; get a comprehensive report detailing your personality preferences and tendencies; and attend a webinar with a DISC Certified Practitioner who will debrief your report and explain how to apply it through adaptability and use of the Platinum Rule basing your interactions with others on what they want and need.

DISC is not in-depth psychology. It is a simple behavioral profiling model that teaches you to identify – and use to your advantage – predictable aspects of yourself and others. You will leave this course with a personalized action plan that will provide immediate and tangible results.

Course Objectives:

DISC Assessment and Debrief Webinar maximizes your potential by teaching you how to effectively interact with others by understanding your own styles and preferences and how to recognize and adapt to different styles. Specifically, you will:

  • Take a DISC Assessment and receive a report that explains DISC, yourself, and adaptability
  • Identify your personality styles and preferences
  • Learn to quickly and accurately recognize personality styles and preferences of others
  • Apply the Platinum Rule by adapting to and interacting with others based on their preferences

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Course Name: DISC Assessment and Debrief

Webinar Date and Time: June 5, 2019 at 3pm ET

Who Should Attend:

DISC is not a silver bullet but it is very likely the most important thing you can do to improve yourself and your interactions with others. Anyone interested in maximizing individual and team effectiveness, performance, and success; improving leadership and communication; and enhancing relationships should attend.

Webinar Price:

$25 for USOLN members, $30 for non-members - and includes one DISC Assessment

Note: CUSPs earn 1 CUSP point for completing DISC Assessment and Debrief Workshop

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